Corners a cardboard protect cardboard boxes, butt ends and packing of sheet materials from damages, pallets from spilling, edge of sheet materials from gatherings. They strengthen inflexibility of packing construction also.

  1. Fixit and defence of edges on the pallet of roll materials
  2. Packing of sheet materials and defence of edges
  3. Increase of inflexibility of packing of constructions
  4. Defence of edges for sheet materials from gatherings
  5. Protecting from spilling for pallets
  6. Prevention of deformation of cardboard boxes
  7. Prevention of damages of butt end

Types of protective corners a cardboard
Corners with glueing tape. They are especially comfortable and assist to creation more technological to the process of packing to the commodity. Sticky ball it is a sticky ribbon and she can be located on external and internal parties of corners.
L-type type. He foresees the wide spectrum of application. For example - defence of butt ends of packing, he is proof to loading from overhead rows at vertical laying ( due to a protective frame), hinders to the damage of boxes with commodities at vertical laying, prevents deformation of packing by means of strap are ribbons at gathering.

Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
Защитный угольник картонный 50 мм х 4 мм 88 Защитный картонный уголок Product Details
Защитный угольник картонный 45 мм х 4 мм 2204 Защитный картонный уголок Product Details
Защитный угольник картонный 35х2 /35х3/35х4/35х5 2205-2206 Защитный картонный уголок Product Details
Уголок картонный 35х35х3х2000 4005   Product Details

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