For gathering straps
Strap for gathering (retchet) - it is a mechanism, through which fastening of loads is carried out during transporting for prevention of their spontaneous crawling together, moving or knocking over.
A for gathering strap is executed from an easy and elastic textile ribbon with a tightener, therefore with his help loads reliably, fixed firmly, and during transporting, possibility of their damage is eliminated. Also advantage of стяжных straps is their simplicity in the use, that in turn considerably abbreviates temporal expenses at погрузочно-разгрузочных works.
- Material: poiyester
- Coefficient of margin of safety 2:1
- Temperature range of application : from - 40°C to 100°C
- Lengthening of ribbon under reaching a maximal possible workload (LC) - less 7%
- Standard EN 12195-2

Автовозные straps
To drive an auto strap - it is a стяжное device for fastening "For the wheel" of transport vehicles on the platforms of trucks - autocartfuls, in избежение of their involuntary moving during transporting.
A автовозный strap is executed from 100% полиэстеровой of ribbon with a натяжным mechanism - ratchet, and similarly with three hooks (one is sewn down on short part of strap or fastened on a rattle, second sewn down to long part and the third sliding on long part). By means of автовозных straps the effective and reliable fastening of cars and other transport is carried out on the platforms of autocartfuls.

Автовозные straps are not intended for getting up of cars and other loads!
Material: 100% полиэстер
Temperature range of application: от -40°С to100°С
Lengthening of ribbon - no more 7%
Fastening method - by hooks for the platform of autocartful
Standard length a 2.5 meter (is corrected at will of customer)
Two variants of execution - АР-1 и АР-2

Straps can be made in two kinds both in relation to loading and in relation to the type of hooks, used on good.

АР-1 - Turning однопалые hooks, short part absents from a ribbon, a hook is placed on a ratchet

АР-2 - Ordinary unturning didactylous hooks, short part 300мм.

*Both kinds are completed by three antisliding plastic or rubber protective straps.

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